Mian Abdul Razzaq, Chief Executive of Salva Foods Industry has vast experience of modern business, marketing and dealing with customers. His vision says that with the blessings of God, hard work is the key to success and every body can achieve this target through continued hard work and perseverance. By acting upon these principles he took Salva Foods Industry to the stage where it is known as the best quality rice producer at domestic and international level.

Mr. Muhammad Ishfaq Executive at Salva Foods Industry, God has gifted him with extra ordinary management skills, a progressive attitude and creative and hard working qualities. By the Grace of God and with the help of these qualities he has achieved a lot of success. According to him food industry is not merely a business to generate revenue and earn profits; it is a trust, responsibility and commitment towards human health, individuals, nourishment and towards the country. R&D (RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT) section of Salva Foods Industries is managed by him and all projects of development have been under his control.